ON SALE: 6.99 sf (Glass Tile)

studio prima

Pricing as low as: 1.99 pc

ON SALE: 2.99 sf to 5.99 sf

Antique beige, fantastic brown, honey onyx, white onyx, calacatta, brownstone, opus, and many more.

Liners & Decos

Gianni Collection

Pricing as low as: 5.49 pc


Studio Prima

arno Collection

Pricing as low as: 5.49 pc


ON SALE: 24.75 sf              Total price: $37.49

st. marie limestone 

available in: 4x4,4x12,6x6,6x12,8x16,16x16,16x24

pricing: 2.49-4.99 sf

Borgia Collection

Pricing as low as: 3.49 pc

Pricing from: 3.99 sheet  to 9.99 sheet

1x1's Polished or Tumbled​

Below are items currently stocked and being sold at a discounted price. Please contact us for a free design consultation or visit our showroom to see much more.

Imported Limestone from Argentina. ​Italian inspired hand painted murals, borders, decos, and liners. 

Pergamino Collection

Pricing as low as: 7.49 pc

​​ON SALE: 86.08 sf              Total price: $99.49

​​ON SALE: 37.66 sf              Total price: $56.49

Pool Waterline Tile